NaToya Champion — Memphis, TN

NaToya Champion — Memphis, TN

Ensuring Associate Success and Retention through Good Teaching

NaToya Champion believes teaching can be one of the best ways to learn. After spending time as a facilitator at the Walmart Academy in Paris, Tennessee, Champion was able to parlay her experience into a new role as a store manager.

Her position as a teacher, then as a manager, has given her a unique perspective into the role of the Academy in strengthening Walmart associates.

"The common focus at the Academy is to develop and retain the talent in our stores," Champion said. "And we are committed to continuous feedback and follow up with participants to really ensure their success."

But beyond helping her see the value in Academy curriculum for other associates, Champion said her time spent teaching Academy courses was extremely valuable in moving her up to the role of store manager.

"Running the Academy was one thing that really helped me prepare for the store manager role," she said. "Because not only was I familiar with store procedures, I also had that experience in interacting with associates from varied backgrounds."