Esther Morales – Williamstown, NJ

Esther Morales – Williamstown, NJ

Walmart Academy Broadens Associate Horizons

Esther Morales has been in three different roles, and on two separate landmasses, throughout her 10-year career with Walmart. So, when she was offered the chance to be a department manager in sporting goods at Store 3774 in Williamstown, New Jersey, she took the opportunity to continue broadening her experience.

Before starting her new job, Esther went through Walmart Academy training to learn the ins and outs of management. Though she didn’t know it at the time, her Academy training was going to help Esther excel in areas beyond managing at a new store.

She spent five years with Walmart in Puerto Rico, where she primarily spoke Spanish. So her move to the mainland U.S. brought its own challenges – including speaking English more regularly.

"In the beginning of my time with the Academy, I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to discuss things with our customers," Esther said. "But Academy also helped me to build that confidence in myself, suggesting that anything is possible."

Because Academy curriculum allows associates to take tests in other languages, people like Esther have the chance to show what they’re learning in a language they’re comfortable with. But Esther also said that engaging with other associates in the Academy had a secondary benefit for her.

"The Academy gave me the opportunity to get better at English, and that helped me to become even more confident in talking to associates and customers," Esther said.