David Figueroa – Hudson, FL

David Figueroa – Hudson, FL

One Best Way and the Value of a Framework

David Figueroa is a department manager at Walmart Store 5266 in Hudson, Florida. His Academy experience taught him the value of continuing one’s retail education.

"The Academy taught me so much," Figueroa said. "And it really helped me to grow in my job, because I can better control my inventory, help other associates and serve my customers the way they deserve."

Figueroa’s experience was in the value of One Best Way, the Walmart Academy’s curriculum for leading a department. He said that learning One Best Way made him a more confident manager, and especially proved valuable in helping others in his department do their work well.

"If you see another associate struggling, you can always offer them help through One Best Way, which allows you to give them a really tangible way to do their job," Figueroa said.

Because One Best Way gives associates across the company a set way to manage their departments, Figueroa said he always encourages others to go into the Walmart Academy with an open mind.

"When we have a new department manager, or someone is nervous about getting more retail education, I always tell them that the Academy is a great experience," Figueroa said. "Gaining that knowledge will really make your job easier."