Anthony Alvarez – Jefferson City, MO

Anthony Alvarez – Jefferson City, MO

Anthony: Turning Two Decades of Experience into Real-world Retail Training

Anthony Alvarez is one of the first Walmart Academy Fresh Coaches in the nation. But he didn’t get there overnight.

Alvarez was involved in some of Walmart’s earliest Academy efforts, helping to open the 16th Walmart Academy at Store 5477 in Jefferson City, Missouri. Since then, he’s been actively engaged in all things Academy, leveraging his 20 years of grocery experience to train the next generation of store leaders.

Alvarez says the Academy is so valuable because facilitators bring their own knowledge into the lessons, teaching real-world retail to attendees.

"We have the chance to really open people’s eyes to helping customers in a way they likely wouldn’t have thought of before,"Alvarez said. "And so, by imparting knowledge on people who are just coming into role, you have the chance to really invest in them and really teach their areas to create the best possible experience in store."

As a longtime retail employee, Alvarez believes the Walmart Academy is doing something special by integrating purpose-driven education into store roles.

"With the Academy, you’re able to bring the teaching piece of the Academy into the real world of operations," Alvarez said. "Any time someone gets academy training, your whole store can be better."