John Jackson – Concord, NH

John Jackson – Concord, NH

LBU Opens Doors to College for Those with Disabilities

John Jackson is a Walmart associate from Store 2055 in Concord, New Hampshire, who hopes to change a trend. John has spina bifida, a rare spinal disability that causes him memory issues and requires him to use a wheelchair.

John plans not only to finish, but to be the first in his family to earn a college degree.

He says Live Better U has been a lifechanging opportunity.

"LBU is the only way I can get a degree," John said. "Education will give me more opportunities in life and make it so that I can do my job at Walmart even better, making more educated decisions in the workplace and at home."

John says that he plans to use his degree to advance his opportunities at Walmart and prove to others that college is an attainable goal.

"Mentally, going to college is a big confidence booster, and it makes me so happy to know I am fighting for something," John said. "Education means the opportunity for advancement, and for me, better mental health."