Janine Johnson – South Florida, FL

Janine Johnson – South Florida, FL

To Show Her Son Anything is Possible, Janine Takes on College

In a system where 44 million Americans owe $1.56 trillion in student loan debt, it can be difficult to imagine a college education coming free of debt.

But for Walmart associate Janine Johnson, that possibility is becoming a reality.

Janine is a nontraditional student. She’s a single mother working full-time at Walmart, which, in 2018, allowed her to take advantage of Live Better U – a program offering Walmart associates an online education for only a dollar a day.

Through Live Better U, Janine has been able to chase the dream of furthering her education, shaping coursework around her role at Walmart and the demands of raising a child. She is on track to graduate, debt free, with a degree in business management and leadership from Bellevue University.

Janine points to the power of inspiration as the force that got her to return to school.

"My son wants to be an astronaut," she said. "And I want to show him you can do whatever you set your mind on, as long as you have enough determination and motivation."