Harry Wiest – Orlando, FL

Harry Wiest – Orlando, FL

It Works for Me: LBU and Flexible Scheduling

It isn’t just the cost of college that can be prohibitive. Sometimes, it’s the demand of time that stops students from finishing. In fact, two-year community colleges and for-profit four-year schools have average completion rates below 40 percent.

Harry Wiest is a Walmart associate belonging to the nearly 60% of students who start a bachelor’s degree but fail to finish. But things are quickly changing for Harry.

With Walmart’s Live Better U, which Harry took advantage of in October of 2018, he was able to pursue a college degree for just $1 a day. When he heard about Live Better U, Harry realized it was an opportunity worth seizing.

"It was so important to me, on a personal level, to finish my bachelor’s degree," Harry said. "The Live Better U education benefit has allowed me to juggle work, school, and family seamlessly."

In returning to school, Harry hopes he’s solidifying a better future for himself and his family, allowing him to claim that bachelor’s degree and the myriad career benefits that can come with it.

"Getting my degree is going to show my family that hard work does pay off… In the beginning of 2018, our family was looking at a hard road ahead," Harry said. "And Live Better U has meant so much to our family that words cannot possibly express."