Dustin Clemons – Highland, IL

Dustin Clemons – Highland, IL

Chasing His Degree, Dustin Finally Met LBU

Dustin Clemons had a long-standing goal of continuing his education, but the world just kept intervening.

"I always planned to get a degree," Clemons said. "But the cost and a growing family held me back."

As it turns out, Clemons isn’t alone. Around a quarter of all college students are also raising children, according to the Lumina Foundation. Of the roughly 4.8 million students who are raising kids, around 30 percent of them are fathers, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

But things changed for Clemons one day at work as a fresh department manager at a Walmart Supercenter in Highland, Illinois. He heard about Live Better U, Walmart’s education initiative allowing any Walmart U.S. associate to pursue a college education for only $1 a day, and in September 2018, he decided to give it a try.

"I signed up as soon as I could," Clemons said. And now he’s on the way to earning that college degree and opening up additional opportunities for himself and his family.